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    Catch the Vision! Beginning with our great grandchildren in mind… We create a self-reliant, Liber learning community that inspires disciplined instruction in the Classical Liberal Arts, cultivating a liber mindset. From which character lessons founded in truth, virtue and discovery of life’s purpose will sustain and lead future generations. Raising children through the science and phases of natural human development and multiple intelligence engagement, the same training as that of history’s most thoughtful contributors, we train their minds and hearts to be adept at contemplative thinking and critical analysis before rendering judgment on the issues they will face. We realize our legacy as we send our grown children into the world as citizens and statesmen who will be prepared to take up positions of leadership in their families, communities and country. A natural outgrowth of this education is the development of the Six Character Traits of a Statesman: Virtue-Wisdom-Diplomacy-Courage-The ability to Inspire Greatness in Others-The Ability to Move the Cause of Liberty ~~Liberty derives from the Latin libertas, from liber (library), to be "FREE".
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01 September 2010


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Una is very glad she had Latin grammar, and that she's been writing so much. She's wishing she'd paid more attention to math, but is catching up quickly having switched from Algebra 1H to plain Algebra 1. Oddly there is not history this year...

Two separate teachers I know/met over the summer have told me they really like the kids who come into H. S. from home schooling. This is seeming to be the case at Naples High as well.

I think the real challenge is as you say, finding enough mentors for the kids to bounce off of and keeping the social thing going as well. Una's got a lot of strong women teaching most of her classes, very fortunate, esp. in math and sci.

We never anticipated finding ourselves with a kid in public High School. But she wanted to go, very much so. It's been good. I can't wait to hear about the home school teens plans for this year!

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