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30 December 2010


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Comments on this topic from Patti's Homeschool Mentoring Facebook Page:

Teaching your children the sounds letters make will happen naturally as you go through your days together and while reading to them. There really is no need to focus on more than that for toddlers. I am not a fan of the two curriculums you mention for pre-k’ers- at all!!!

We allowed our second child to develop naturally by filling her life up with conversation and reading classic books aloud to her, many times I would point to the words I was reading. We sung the ABC song and played phonics CD’s in the background of our life. Twin Sisters has a good one and Grammar Songs is a constant around here and in the car. You can order it from the Sonlight catalog.

We drew the letters and found items in the house that started with a letter, always done in a playful relevant to everyday life manner. We waited for her to ask to learn about the letters and reading, first she memorized the books we read aloud and pretended to read, this was followed by her asking how do you say this word or that one, at the same time playing at writing was happening and her wanting to know how to write people’s names came next.

When she was four or five she asked for the first time to learn to read, but dropped it. By the early elementary years she was asking to learn to read again. We taught her some of the vowel sounds, using for a very short time, some of the lessons in the Teach Your Child to Read Program by Valerie Bennett, but stopped using it because she took off and taught herself from there.

She has had curriculum based lessons on and off through the years, mostly Sonlight and, always had the choice to participate in them or not. At fourteen she is excellent with grammar and writing and loves both. I attribute this to getting out of her way and not “teaching” her phonics and such.

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